We known what you’re thinking, "oh no, not another chair suspension, they’re all a bit rubbish!" well we thought just the same; that’s why in 2001 we sat down and completely re-designed this classic effect. Going right back to Robert Harbin's original, brilliant creations we stripped out all the illogical moves, all the funny props, all the pointless features until we’d created something we could be proud of. Now our chair suspension has gone on to become the strongest, most flexible, most popular chair suspension on the planet with almost 1000 of them licensed world-wide. From weddings to high scale corporate events they've been used to float everything from the Groom to comedy magic star Michael Finney!


  • Float up to 300 lbs / 160 kg assistants!
  • NO DIP / tilt - perfectly horizontal float!
  • Can be performed ANYWHERE & SURROUNDED !
  • Fits into the back of your car!
  • Powder-Coated gaffs will never chip!
  • Natural wooden chairs & ladder!
  • 100% natural & logical props!
  • 2 year no-quibble guaranty

After some by-play with a spectator from the audience (no stooges or pre arrangement) the magician creates an improvised table by resting a simple wooden ladder across the backs of two wooden chairs. The spectator is invited to lie on this table and is wrapped in a cloth "to reduce spillage??" - after plenty of by-play the magician removes one of the folding chairs and eventually the ladder leaving the spectator magically floating on the remaining chair! The ladder and chair are put back in place and the spectator is "released" to a standing ovation!