It all began with a talent contest in 1991, quickly parlayed into network TV appearances before switching (in 1996) to working behind the scenes writing and creating large stage and illusion sequences that has grown into the globe spanning business we are today. Along the way there were detours creating voiceover for Kids TV, buying a local magic shop (somewhere out in the universe and very occasionally on eBay you'll find Card Tricks & close-up items created by Thomas) co-producing a Christmas show & designing some critical engineering and eventually a whole pavilion for the London 2012 Olympics! 

In-depth cross-industry knowledge enables him to incorporate technologies and techniques that revolutionise the way magic is created and performed, whilst always remembering the importance of creating the moment of wonder for audiences. His native design style is minimalist and naturalistic (everyone detests giant glittery boxes and strange looking props) which helps to ensure his creations blend seamlessly in to your show and create a logical magical happening that doesn’t look like it’s been shoe-horned into the performance whilst still delivering the best possible audience reaction.

Now with one of the largest magic & deceptive engineering workshops in the world we add wow to theatrical productions, illusion spectaculars, theme park rides, immersive experiences and magical theatres in every major market. Trusted by some of the biggest producers on the planet, working with household name megastars and IP's you can depend on us to bring 30+ years of expertise combined with cutting edge technological innovations and manufacturing to your show, we add wow!