It made its world premier to universal acclaim (and gasps of astonishment) in the 5-Star hit musical “The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes” - it’s our answer to the question every magician gets asked of “Can you saw me in half”.

Many have attempted to create a solution - from Harbin’s classic bow-saw to Steinmeyer’s Audience Dismember but they’ve all share the common quirk - you never actually properly separate the two halves like the audience want you to. Dichotomy is the answer; use ANY spectator from the audience (without any prompting) use a REAL saw to cut them in half, use 2 REAL blades and REALLY slide the 2 halves apart. The gap between is very real; you can climb through it if you wanted to prove that the spectator is completely separated whilst all the action takes place on a table just 2 inch thick! You really do separate them in to 2 separate halves and you are free to walk behind them, spin the prop around and show it from every angle you want! At all times their REAL head, hands and feet remain in full view, there’s no special backgrounds needed and the effect can be performed COMPLETELY SURROUNDED (the illusion is just as perfect viewed from behind as it is from in front) it’s simple and hassle-free to perform and completely safe and foolproof for the “assistant” you choose. It got applause and gasps every time it was performed; this is a real reputation-making illusion that you must have! It rolls out of one case (120 x 90 x 90 cm @ 80 kg) and is ready to perform instantly. Fabricated in aluminium, supplied complete with case and everything you need ready to perform for just £4599 it's a reputation maker!

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