I've long been a fan of the "million dollar mystery" principle - it's a brilliant idea that enables you to perform absolute miracles but all too often the principle has been abused by designers taking the easy route out to disguise it. The stage will be full of curves and swoops then suddenly a completely out of place chequer-board backdrop is flown in and all the action on stage took place suspiciously parallel and perpendicular to the pattern on the backdrop; The audience might not know how it's being done but they're under no doubt that the weird backdrop that doesn't match the rest of the show was something to do with it!

Over the year's i've pioneered other more natural and practical backdrops for this effect and in 2001 for a corporate event i got to use a large pitch LED video wall (worth over half a million pounds!) and it was the single greatest and most deceptive backdrop I’d ever used. Careful design of the video and patterns played on the wall created a breathtaking visual backdrop that was shockingly deceptive - the illusion was so perfect one of the technicians walked straight in to the gimmick! From this moment on i knew video was the way to go - it took 9 years for the technology to catch up and prices to drop far enough for this brilliant solution to be cost-effective for real world touring performers; the result is CUBE



Nine years of dreaming, 3 years of development and it’s finally a reality - it’s the "million dollar mystery" to end them all!
Combining the innovation of the 99c Mystery with a state of the art LED video wall it’s a visual treat and a stunning illusion all in one. Utilising the 99c mystery method of loading in via the table means that the "box" can be removed during the routine without exposing anything, giving you a wealth of additional performance possibilities. Replace the box with one themed up for your show or your clients product and you’ve got a breathtaking, customisable illusion for pennies. The unique, innovative "soft" LED video wall displays text, graphics, shapes and animations entirely under your control offering you an amazing scenic effect and the ability to customise your performance to any situation with just a few clicks.

Best of all it’s supplied with a masking panel so the LED backdrop can be used throughout your show just like in stadium & arena shows!

See the flyer by clicking HERE