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The most powerful micro smoke machine ever created

Chimera 2

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20 years experience with micro smoke machine technologies has resulted in the smallest, most powerful smoke machine in the world designed for magic; Chimera 2 is 3x as powerful as any other micro FX smoke machine on the market- check out THIS VIDEO to see how amazingly powerful Chimera2 is.

The latest edition of our Chimera smoke system is the ultimate smoke production device - this battery powered micro smoke machine is designed to be hidden inside props and illusions to fill them with magical smoke, to replace pyrotechnics in "burning" effects, or you can hide it in your jacket and use it to make objects vanish in a cloud of smoke that's (almost) big enough to make an elephant vanish! 

Designed for the real working stage performer who wants to add a magical smoke flourish to your props (it's powerful but it won't replace the haze machine used for lighting) the Chimera comes with a complete set of accessories to enable you to fit in into just about any prop you want and give you an unparalleled range of control options to deliver magical smoke wherever you need it with wired and wireless control options.

Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 5cm
Weight: 372g
Smoke Rate: 4.6 CFM
Battery Life: 14hr Standby / 21min Smoke production
Tank Capacity: 4mins smoke production
Recharge Time: 6hr

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